From the Palm of Your Hand,

to As Far As You Can See.


We create engaging and emotional brand experiences. Whether robust apps in the palm of your hand, buzzing trade show booths and events, immersive E-Commerce, or VR experiences, we are ready to tell your story in a way that is meaningful, enjoyable and most importantly—memorable.

Our multi-disciplinary firm is structured to conceive, visualize and produce unique audience experiences around the globe. We approach each project from the viewpoint of the guest, transforming places where we live, work and play. We connect brands with their audience by creating immersive digital and physical experiences that are as meaningful as they are entertaining. Our approach blends creativity and technology from concept to completion; creating maximum consumer engagement from beginning to end.

EDGE provides opportunity for companies to create innovative consumer experiences for trade shows, museums, exhibits, tours, sports venues, special events, product launches and environments. We identify what the experience will be for the audience at every touch point—as they enter an event, are greeted, interact with content, presenters and guides.

We build brand awareness, engage consumers and foster conversation that ultimately shape what we want consumers to react to and remember.

Creativity Reinforced by Data.
We gather and implement data when making decisions about what drives customer interaction and sales. We understand consumer behaviors derived through research, prioritize opportunities to capitalize, and apply a unique blend of technology, creativity and innovation for crafting a targeted digital and physical experience.

Connecting Brands to Consumers. EDGE connects your brand values and themes to existing and potential customers by developing and adapting technologies in meaningful ways. We provide digital, virtual, and interactive technologies that can be used independently or collectively when creating an experience targeting prospective customers.

Seamless Integration. Partnering with innovative clients, we design and transform your visions into uniquely creative exhibits, attractions, and settings for an extraordinary guest experience. Some of them are intriguing, some are mind-bending, but all have the EDGE.